Peter C. Rollins   The Columbia Companion to American History on Film   Will Rogers  Whorf  Orestes Augustus Brownson (1803-1876)     [Brownson was the subject of my undergraduate (honors) essay at Harvard College and the topic of a year-long research effort.  The excitement and wonder of this project—not to mention the inspiration of such Harvard professors as Perry Miller, Alan Heimert, and Donald Fleming—drew me into the field of scholarship, a wonderful demesne never sullied by exploration.  I picked Brownson after hearing a student report: this curmudgeon seemed to have embraced almost every major movement of his times and I assumed—correctly as it turned out—that I could learn much about ante-bellum America by studying the career of this mercurial man in search of God.  I focused on his work in The Boston Quarterly Review, which took him up to his disillusionment with democracy and his conversion to a churchly tradition.  Little did I know how  in 1962 how important Brownson would be to my spirit and world view in later years.]     Rollins, Peter C.  “Orestes Augustus Brownson: Epistemology of a Crucified Redeemer.” Honors Thesis, magna cum laude.  Harvard College, 1963.      For a succinct overview of the Brownson “pilgrimage,” see